Be the best you can be

Carter CCG is dedicated to help businesses and people realise their potential

Many of us just want to get on with business. However, like all things in life, it is never so simple. If we own a business and therefore more than likely are a company director, there are many pitfalls as highlighted in this article written by Belinda Williams and published in The Age on 30th January 2017. If you are in business do so with your eyes open. If you need an independent audit to help identify problem areas, please contact Robert Carter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leadership & Team Development

Training, assessment & development for teams and leaders in small, medium, and large-sized organisations, optimising potential so that individuals & organisations can be the “Best They Can Be”


Behavioural coaching for executives, managers, and private clients to help navigate through workplace and life challenges, including career transition.

Psychological Assessment

Proven assessment tools, including on-line tests for recruitment and personnel selection, personality instruments, emotional intelligence profiles, 360 feedback questionnaires and MBTI for teams.

Medical Interview Techniques

One on One interview program that is designed to prepare individuals for the UMAT and GAMSAT interviews.

Business Improvement

Development of competencies, knowledge and processes within the organisation that identifies competitive advantages and results in growth of business revenue & profitability.

Interim Management

Support for Business Owners/Managers that encourages focus on the development of business strategies, cohesive teams and planning techniques. Project Management can also be undertaken.