Psychometric Assessment is useful for assisting both with recruitment and development assignments. Psychometric Assessments can contribute to a broader talent management strategy and are used to understand and describe people rather than classify and label them. The assessment instruments are carefully selected and help us understand a person’s personality, strengths, areas for development, and potential.
List of assessments:
  1. General Abilities: verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning; Saville aptitude battery; WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adule Intelligence Scale, 4th Ed.).
  2. Personality: OPQ32i, 16pf, CPI, WAVE, EQ360 (MHS), ESC-360 (Kendall Want), MBTI.
  3. Vocational: SDS, Strong Interest Inventory

Strong Interest Inventory® tool

MBTI®– the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) 


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