It’s becoming more important than ever that people are communicating well with those around them, and to know that interpersonal and communication issues are not affecting work performance. A 360 survey will provide an “audit” to review specific leadership capability, as well as provide gap information about performance and leadership skills as far as significant others are concerned, typically your manager, peers, staff and customers. A non leadership version of the 360 survey is also available. 

The 360 survey we use is called the ESC-360, an on-line system is based on Daniel Goleman’s 1990’s popular Emotional Intelligence Model*. The 360 survey focuses on Emotional and Social Competence, or more generically Emotional Intelligence. It is ideally suited for feedback on Communication Effectiveness and High Impact Leadership within the world of work.

*Goleman, D (1999)  Working with Emotional Intelligence.  London: Bloomsbury Pub.



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