This program is designed to improve the quality of New Business won. The approach is built around Selling Service Value and the Building of Long Term Business Relationships with Key Customers and Influencers. The programme places emphasis on how to sell the full value of your range of products and services, and how to move the conversation away from price only.

 Please Contact Robert Carter on 042 291 3203 if your business is interested in developing its Sales Skills.

Key areas of focus include:

  • The Building of Business Relationships
  • Selling in Depth and Customer Profiling
  • Selling of a ‘Valued Proposition’ such as “Total Ownership
  • Market Segmentation and Strategic Planning
  • Key Account Planning
  • Customer Gap Analysis, Cost Benefits Analysis and Development of

 Expected Program Outcomes:

  • Key Accounts measured against an agreed Relationship Criteria Matrix
  • Key Accounts mapped against the ‘quality’ of ‘their business’ and their ‘future potential spend’
  • Completed pre-call planning procedures using the ‘Sales Interview Plan’
  • Communication techniques to commit ‘the decision maker’ to your ‘bankable savings or Total Ownership Cost (TOC)


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