Leadership Development Series - Emotional Intelligence 

People management skills have a significant impact on an organisation's bottom line. There is growing evidence to suggest Emotionally intelligent leaders achieve superior workplace outcomes. The ability to identify, understand, use, and manage emotions, as the four strengths commonly referred to as 'Emotional Intelligence', vital to improving managerial capability and creating truly effective and sustainable organisations.

The good news is that, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be developed. Learn how to think intelligently with emotions - perceiving, expressing, understanding and managing emotions in a professional and effective manner – in this one day workshop style program, designed and facilitated by Organisational Psychologist, Vicki Carter. 

This program is offered virtually or face-to-face.

1 day 

Emotional Intelligence Program

9:00 am – 4:00pm 

  • The 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence– increase self-awareness on this topic with the assistance of an ‘Emotional & Social Competence’ (ESC) report, derived from a psychometric questionnaire completed prior to the program.
  • Self-regulation- learn strategies to increase self-control and build resilience, to better deal with workplace stress and adversity.
  • Self-Motivation– how to do the things you set out to do, whether these are personal goals or dealing with workplace challenges. The importance of harnessing the power within will be discussed and practiced.
  • Empathy– how to recognise and understand other people’s emotions through empathy will be discussed and practiced, for improved working relationships with others. 
  • Building relationships - skills to increase personal power and impact in the workplace. 
  • Pre-program requirements

Participants are required to complete an on-line Emotional & Social Competence (ESC) questionnaire before the program commences and will receive a personal, confidential report during the program.  This report gives participant’s feedback on key emotional and social competencies which will be discussed during the program. 

Download the EIProgramOutline_BROCHURE.pdf brochure