The Gender Equity Act 2012 requires business (nonpublic sector employees with 100 or more staff) to demonstrate commitment to gender equity in their workplace. This program will facilitate demonstration of this commitment, assisting the removal of some of the barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce.

This women’s leadership program is delivered over 6 months, through a combination of personal coaching and feedback, interactive activities, workplace project, and networking opportunities, to provide a rich experience with long lasting benefits for participants and their organizations or business. Vicki Carter, a Registered Organisational Psychologist, leads this program.

Who should attend:

Women from technical specialist and leadership roles come together to share their leadership experiences, and learn and grow as leaders. This program will give participants real insights into their personal strengths and leadership style, as well as some of the invisible barriers to advancement, to empower each participant to take action to optimise their leadership potential and chance of success. This program can be run in-house

Program Outcomes:

Through 360-degree feedback, powerful self-reflection, action learning sessions, and peer networking, participants will:

  1. Gain insight into their leadership style and performance against key leadership competencies
  2. Build support networks and sponsorship opportunity
  3. Participate in a workplace project on Gender Equity
  4. Develop skills and confidence to build leadership capability to help reach leadership potential
  5. Prepare a personal develop plan to facilitate learning transfer

Course Inclusions

  • Participants complete an online 360-degree questionnaire before the program commences and will receive a one-on-one 360-feedback report debrief and development planning session (2 hours) with Psychologist.
  • A Workplace assignment on a Gender Equity issue of choice will be undertaken as part of each person’s professional development
  • 6 half-day group sessions (8:30am – 12:30pm) one session per month for 6 months. Lunch will be provided on conclusion of each session to provide networking opportunities.
  • Guest speakers to inform and inspire.

Min and max numbers apply

Please Contact Vicki Carter on 0409 330 960 for costs and the dates of the next program.

Session 1 – The Diversity Agenda (why it matters)

Many entrenched organizational structures and work practices were designed to fit men’s lifestyles in a generation when women made up a minority of the workforce. The cumulative effect means that women can fail to thrive or reach their full potential. This session examines the Diversity Agenda and why it matters. Participants are encouraged to share specific challenges and issues faced, and then pinpoint a change that they might effect in their workplace: this will form the basis of a course ‘assignment’. Sponsorship and networking will also be covered. In this, the first of 6 sessions over 6 months, participants will have opportunity to get to know to each other, as sources of advice and support over the program.

Session 2 – Communicating with Influence

This session will provide education and practical strategies on communicating with influence. Patterns of speech and behaviour that undermine a women’s message will be examined. The organising and delivery of information to inform more effectively in meetings and presentations will be practiced, and participants will learn how to adapt techniques to approach difficult conversations to communicate with impact and authority. The session will conclude with an opportunity to network over lunch.

Session 3 – Leadership

The skills, behaviours, and confidence for successful leadership are the focus of this session. Leadership traits to enhance emergence and effectiveness of women leaders will be examined, building on the 360-degree feedback. ‘You as coach’ introduces a simple framework for successful coaching, important as a leader, together with real-issue coaching practice with focused feedback. The session will conclude with a guest speaker, who will assist participants to define their individual style to dress with more authority. Assignment ‘check in’ opportunity and networking lunch will also be provided.

Session 4 – Resilience

In this session participants will increase their understanding of their emotions and the effect on job performance, particularly self-limiting beliefs and inner dialogues that may be getting in the way of leadership success. Positive emotions have a strengthening effect on our bodies and our brains, and help us better deal with workplace stress and adversity. Building resilience and self-control through mindfulness, emotional regulation, and stress reduction techniques are explored and practiced. The session will conclude with an opportunity to network over lunch.

Session 5 – Work Life Balance

This session explores the silent struggle that many women face. Education as well as practical strategies will be the focus of this session. Participants will leave this session with a stronger understanding of their values, personal ‘assets’, as well as more confidence in how they might successfully navigate the challenges of work life balance. The session will conclude with a guest speaker and an opportunity to network over lunch.

Session 6 – Learning Transfer

Workplace assignments will be presented, providing opportunity to learn from other participants and reflect on how we can transcend the under representation of women in leadership roles. Strategies and techniques to manage professional development will be covered, each participant building a Personal Development Plan to facilitate learning transfer. The session will conclude with an opportunity to network over lunch.

Download the pdf Women In Leadership176.38 KB brochure